City of istanbul : the most popular destination in turkey
The former church, mosque and now official museum has a saintly ambiance combined with byzantine and islamic architecture. The cultural infusion of various communities, modern influences, and its historical timeline is impossible to ignore. .
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About turkish tea : the national drink of turkey
Women, family, and friends often meet in tea gardens, while men flock to the male dominated teahouses that are a focal point of most villages and towns. Turkish people love to meet new friends and think nothing of spending half the day talking to a complete stranger while putting the world to rights. .
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Should you sunbathe topless in turkey?
The first day is consumed with thoughts of getting a golden sun kissed tan. It was a four night, five-day sailing holiday along the mediterranean coast from fethiye to olympus. .
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Why turkey should be your next holiday destination
Turkey is a unique country, situated between europe, asia, and the middle east. The influence of all three can be seen throughout country – in the history, the culture, the architecture, the fashion and the food. .
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Turkey travel guide
Destinationsistanbulhighlight best time to visitfor ideal weather, visit during the spring months. The days are long, and the heat hasn’t quite hit yet. .
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