The ultimate tunisia travel guide
Most people probably couldn’t even pick it out on a map but this small nation in north africa bordered by the sahara and the mediterranean sea is a place full of history and beautiful sights. Originally, i had no plans to come here as i was headed to egypt & jordan, but i had some time to kill and this place seemed to be the only safe place west of egypt to visit. .
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Language in tunisia
Most people in the cities speak french well and i had little trouble getting around with my hardly serviceable french. I didn’t do much research thinking there would be an abundance of hostels and cheap accommodations. .
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Visiting the star wars sets in tunisias sahara desert
But all those exotic planets from the movies were filmed on earth, specifically tunisia. Four of the star wars movies were partially filmed in southern tunisia (the planet tatooine in the movies) and the good thing is that many. . . ultimate egypt travel guidefrom the most ancient of pyramids and temples, to wandering oases in the desert, to chilling out and exploring the beautiful reefs of the red sea, egypt has it all. From the 5* luxury seeker, to the most frugal of backpackers, egypt can provide. .
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Planning a tunisia trip
The main international airport is in northern tunisia between carthage and tunis. There are other international airports, for example in djerba, but for this tunisia itinerary it’s best to fly into tunis. As with most itineraries i’ll write, each day does contain a day trip of some sort. .
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Tunisia itinerary day #1: arrival
If you want a cheap flight check my guide on how to book cheap business class flights. I always prefer to arrive around 2-3pm which means i depart from my home in the netherlands around 10am for short haul flights. .
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