Best hotels and neighborhoods to stay in santiago de chile
But for others, it is a vibrant city, with very entertaining neighborhoods, close to nature, with a great cultural offer and special nightlife. If you are looking to tour the city quickly, i recommend this tour that visits the most important places in the city. Book here to know santiago including different neighborhoods and thus have an idea of santiago. .
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Why visit santiago?
We’ve got great museums and cultural events, delicious food, local crafts and of course, plenty of wine. Chile is a gorgeous country with a huge variety of landscapes, and santiago is the jumping off point to all that, whether you’re thinking deserts, glaciers or even easter island. Chilean vineyardwhat to do in santiagoi love markets, so i send everyone to mercado central, the fish market, and la vega, the fruit and vegetable market. .
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What to do in santiago
You will find tourists, but these are also working markets where santiaguinos do their shopping. If you’re interested in politics, the human rights museum museo de la memoria is a must-see. On a clear day, take the funicular up san cristobal hill to enjoy the view – it’s the one with the virgin mary statue you can see from all over the city on top. .
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Best neighbourhoods to explore in santiago
Nearby bellavista has some great restaurants and good nightlife. To get off the beaten path a bit, head to barrio yungay, stopping at restaurant boulevard lavaud to pick up a map for a self-guided walking tour of the picturesque neighborhood. .
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Where to eat in santiago
Thanks to an influx of peruvian immigrants, pretty much any peruvian restaurant here is authentic and delicious. If you’re ready for something different, head to the patronato neighborhood for cuisine from kebabs to korean served up by recent immigrants. Peruvian food is deliciouschilean food is hearty, and my favorite place for a nice meal is ana maria in the republica neighborhood. .
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