The town is distinguished by the iconic villarrica volcano that towers above it. This is a hotspot for outdoor activity, in particular watersports on lake villarrica, hiking in the surrounding terrains, and skiing and snowboarding in winter. .
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Winning tip: climbing villarrica in pucon
Climbing this monster, kitted out with crampons and mountain gear, was an experience i’ll never forget and the fact that it’s one of the most active in chile made it more exhilarating. The hike goes from dark volcanic rubble to dazzling snow. The climb gets tougher but the views are impressive with chile’s lake district spread out before you. .
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Chile huerquehue park, pucon
This park is one of the oldest protected areas in chile and was created in 1967. The park’s name comes from the mapuche word huerque-hue and means ‘place of the messengers’. .
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How to get to huerquehue park from pucon
If you go there by public transport you can find mini buses from the bus terminal in this city. There you can check the rates and schedules, which change seasonally. .
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Getting to pucon
We purchased our tickets online for pullman bus through recorrido and after visiting a copy shop in santiago (to print a copy of our booking), we exchanged our paperwork for our actual ticket just before boarding at the terminal. Santiago has two main stations, terminal borja and terminal sur; we opted for the second to allow ourselves a little more time in valparaiso but either is fine. The ride itself is comfortable (especially in salon cama seats) and came in at usd31. .
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