Overview (Why?)

Why Peru? Peru is one of the most diverse countries on earth, with magnificent ancient cultures and spectacular natural beauty. Peru is a country with a diversity and wealth unlike any country in south america. With the archaeological history of the incas empire, amazing food, and the most beautiful part of the andes, peru is its own league of south america.

Safety in peru: Peru is unfortunately infamous for petty crime, even among its south american neighbors. This doesnt mean you need to be forever clutching your valuables to your chest but you should practice your street smartness.

Peru Climate: Dec-Mar is the warmest time to visit, but it is also the rainy season. Peru is also a large country with very different climates.

Visa to travel to peru The maximum length of stay is 183 days per year. When you enter the country, you are usually granted 90 days, which you can then extend to up to 183 days. If you haven’t extended and want to stay for a few more days, you’ll have to pay a $1 fine for each day that you overstay.

Safety in peru Peru is unfortunately infamous for petty theft crime, even among its south american neighbors. Petty theft is rampant throughout the country. This doesnt mean you need to be forever clutching your valuables to your chest but you should practice your street smarts. Don’t flaunt expensive jewellery or belongings around.

Moving around!!

Getting around peru by plane: It is also the best way to get around peru if you plan to see multiple destinations within a short time frame. Most major peruvian cities can be reached by air, although not always directly. Lima’s jorge chavez international airport is peru’s major airport, and where most travellers will land or transit through on arrival to peru.

Getting around peru by bus: There are a number of reliable bus services to choose from, including luxury buses, bus-camas, and economico options. Some reliable companies to check out include peru hop and cruz del sur (for those of you looking for freedom and comfort). Take peru hop bus to visit to the nazca lines, ballestas islands and huacachina sand dunes. Bus rides are available throughout peru that will get you to and from cuzco, lake titicaca and colca canyon Lima, but they take many hours, think 30+, due to the terrain. Those beautiful mountains you came to see make cross country travel difficult and slow. In, Peru hop bus, There are two types of travelers on the peru hop. Those who are in a rush and those who want to take their time and really experience peru.

Train travel in peru Central and Southern railways achieve the impressive technical feat of crossing the andes. The central railway peaks at a whopping 15,800 ft (4,835m) above sea level.

Traveling in peru with inka express I only had another week left and wanted to see as much as possible. To get from cusco to puno, the gateway to lake titicaca, i booked an all-day bus with inka express.

The most luxurious train in peru: Hiram bingham from Cusco to Machu Picchu. I am so sure that this will be a very much memorable time there for me and for all others too.

Getting around peru by taxi Car hire in peru isn’t exactly cheap, and the roads can be difficult to navigate. Instead, i would recommend a combination of walking, taxis and guided tours. There are plenty of taxis in peru.

Is it safe to travel to peru? When we took public transport, local people really looked out for us and were very friendly. Always take registered taxis and never get in a two-door vehicle. Make sure you get in a 4 door taxi that is marked as an official taxi.

What to see?

Peru attractions: From the incredible amazon rainforest to the mysteries of machu picchu to experiencing natural life in rural villages. Filling yourself with the freshness of the mountains and vast open skies – being inspired by peru’s spectacular nature.

What to see in lima peru in two days Most travellers have to spend at least one night in lima as it’s the main arrival point into peru and onwards to other key destinations like cusco and machu picchu. Jugglers, fire-eaters, and street-sellers scamper through traffic that idles down streets flanked by colonial mansions, pre-inca ruins, historic churches, and museums full of treasures. Long maligned as nothing more than the gateway to peru. Lima is a fascinating destination in itself.

Cusco: The hilly city is covered in orange tile roofs and cathedrals dating back centuries. Originally the capital of the inca empire, ruins still can be found around the city. As you walk among the cobblestone streets of cusco, you will hear quechua and pan-flute music and observe traditional dress, too. Admire the 12-angled stone crafted by the inca and contemplate the presence of colonial design at the church of santo domingo, constructed above the inca temple of coricancha. A must-visit city in latin america, cuscos proximity to machu picchu, a unesco world heritage site also named the one of the new 7 wonders of the world, makes it an increasingly popular destination.

Rainbow mountain peru tour / 1 day The hike to reach it is an exhausting hike for even the fittest individuals, due to the incredible altitude of 4,400 meters above sea level. Horses are available along the trek, especially in case of emergency. Travelers should not attempt this hike before acclimating in cusco for at least a few days.

Around cusco The village of pisac is an example of incan irrigation and agriculture. It also has one of peru s only intihuatanas. These were carved rocks used to observe the astronomy of the area.

Salkantay trek peru To get to salkantay, you have to start in mollepata, north west of cusco on the apurimac valley, salkantay to machu picchu take five nights or three nights or seven nights. A seven-nights trek goes from paucarcancha, a camping site on the trek from salkantay, to huayllabamba, then on the traditional inca trail to machu picchu. Paucarcancha is a abandoned set of ruins on the descent from pampacahuana, before the village of huayllabamba on the main inca trail.

Machu picchu The trails, the immortal andes, the heat of the coast, the thickness of the jungle, the smell of nature, the cultural diversity of peru, all behind our pride for peru, make for a grand experience of man and nature. Machu picchu the number one attraction of peru is a place so marvelous, comforting and immortal that time never changes. Machu picchu is at 7,900 feet, cusco at 11,000 feet and the sacred valley at 9,700 feet. Machu picchu, a unesco world heritage site also named the one of the new 7 wonders of the world, makes it an increasingly popular destination. It was the summer destination for Incas.

A northern journey to ancient treasures in peru Located on the northern coast of peru, the two cities are historically extraordinary for the number of advanced pre-inca cultures that blossomed in the region, including the wari, moche, sican, and chimu. None of these civilizations developed writing systems, but they did leave behind evidence of magnificent material cultures. Machu picchu gets all the fame as the top peru vacation destination for archaeology lovers, but chan chan in trujillo and sipan in chiclayo stand out among the ancient wonders of peru.

Rainbow mountain in peru - what to expect Cost and pick up rainbow mountain tours cost an average of 100 soles ($30), from cuscos innumerable travel agents. We splashed out by spending 130 soles ($40) to secure a local operator with a reliable reputation. Book your tour ahead of time for only $50ppa bus was supposed to collect us from one of cuscos narrow streets. Its a gorgeous route, passing local villages built from stone and glittering mountain streams. But the altitude is punishing--enough to turn even the sprightliest young athlete into a panting mess. Dont even think about trying the trek until youve spent a few days getting used to the elevation of the cusco region.

Lake Titicaca Lake Titicaca is located at the bolivian border and the floating houses are a highlight. Its the highest navigable lake in the world located at 3,812 metres (12,300 feet) in the andes. A trip to titicaca is a place where you can delve into the culture of peru. To get from cusco to puno, the gateway to lake titicaca, i booked an all-day bus with inka express.

Puno, the folklore capital of peru With many aymara and quechua celebration every year to showcase the traditions. The spanish arrived into the area in the 16th century and bought with them catholicism, the local people embraced the traditions but also have never forgotten their roots and still today ask pachamana to bless their crops and their harvest.

Sandboarding and buggy riding in huacachina peru Huacachina is unique, quant, and adventure filled; made famous by the dune buggy and sandboarding tours. Huacachina has a permanent population of around 100, though many thousands of tourists visit each year. The picture-perfect oasis is an idyllic spot for weary travellers to take a break. The best part is that you can go riding around sand dunes at high-speed in a 15-seater dune buggy and go sledging down the dunes on a sandboard.

A complete guide to paracas, peru Paracas - a small peruvian coastal town three hours south of lima - also lays claim to the title of the ‘poor man’s galapagos’. Enjoy a visit to the paracas national reserve (included free stop) or a boat tour to ballestas islands (optional extra) and continue to huacachina the same day.

The peru rainforest: Amazing reasons to choose the amazon Containing around 60% of this rainforest, this south american country might seem like the obvious choice for a trip to discover the secrets of the jungle. But the peruvian rainforest actually makes a compelling alternative. Not only is it far more accessible, but it’s also home to an incredible array of wildlife and indigenous culture.

Northern peru - Amazon Rainforest Of peru’s 107 endemic bird species, a quarter are to be found exclusively in the north, along with more widespread endemics and many of the tumbesian endemics that occur only in northwestern peru and southwestern ecuador. One of which, the marvellous spatuletail, is arguably the most astonishing hummingbird on earth. Other stunning endemics and near-endemics found in this region include white-winged guan, yellow-faced parrotlet, long-whiskered owlet, royal sunangel, grey-bellied comet, tumbes tyrant, rufous flycatcher, white-tailed jay, yellow-scarfed tanager and three species of inca finch.

Northeastern peru - Amazon Rainforest In this corner of the country, there are over 600 bird species in a small area – unquestionably one of the richest places for birds in the amazon rainforest and on the planet. These include some of south america’s and the world’s most wonderful birds such as hoatzin, sunbittern, blue-and-yellow and red-and-green macaws, pavonine quetzal, motmots, jacamars, toucans, white-plumed antbird, colourful cotingas such as black-necked red, and wire-tailed manakin.

Southern peru - Amazon Rainforest Thanks to the combination of temperate, subtropical, foothill and especially lowland amazon rainforest (where some locations measuring little more than ten square kilometres support over 550 species), about a thousand bird species are found here – a tenth of the world’s total. This is an essential experience on all amazon jungle tours.

Peru: off-the-beaten-path in Mancora Mancora had been explained to me as a small, touristic and party-centric beach town with incredible seafood. But for an itinerary less traveled, head north from lima along the pan-american highway and keep going until you nearly reach ecuador. There, you’ll find the relatively balmy waters of mancora, a seaside town with a sizzling reputation among south american vacationers for all-day beaching and all-night partying. Think thailand’s koh samui and koh phangan before they were fully developed.

Cordillera Blanca - Huaraz So with a local huaraz tour company, we took off at about 6am to go on a two-day overnight hike in the cordillera blanca, the qhilcayhuanca valley hike, in the huascaran national park. Which sounds like a nice, valley hike. The cordillera blanca, and its turquoise lagoons, along with great snow-capped mountains are among the most renowned attractions.

Arequipa peru The city has an extraordinary, clear and dry climate, with more than 300 days of sun each year, and temperatures that don’t go above 25 degrees celsius (77f), nor below 10c (50f). Arequipa is also known as the city of eternal blue sky. The second-largest city in the country combines beautiful colonial buildings with all modern amenities of a large urban dwelling. It is situated about 2300 meters above sea-level making it the perfect place to acclimatise to the altitude before visiting cusco, machu picchu or puno which are all a lot higher up. And with the colca canyon, el misti and chachani on its doorstep, there is really no reason to skip this beautiful colonial gem.

Hiking colca canyon in peru - Close to Arequipa peru Six hours away by local transport and you are plunged into the beautiful scenery of the second highest canyon in the world, far deeper than the grand canyon in america. But the best part of hiking colca canyon is probably the oasis you can stay in, at the bottom of the valley. Although this trail is super popular amongst tourists, we feel that many decide to hike it without realizing the conditions of the trail.

Manu national park - peru I took a 4-day tour into manu national park from cusco. Getting into manu national park is a journey in itself.

Where to stay?

Peru travel guide: money saving tips If you avoid fancy hotels and expensive meals, you won’t spend a lot of money here. Try to stay in these as often as possible.

Peru travel costs (Hostel/Budget/Hotel Accomodation) Expect to pay 70-150 pen ($21-45 usd) per night for a private room that sleeps two. A night in a 2-star budget hotel with the basic amenities in peru starts around 40 pen ($12 usd). On airbnb, you can find shared rooms starting around 38 pen ($11 usd) and entire homes starting at 135 pen ($40 usd) per night.

Peru Hostels -- The only place booked in advance was my first few nights in cusco, just to be on the safe side. Hostels were the drop off points for the peru hop buses and passengers got added discounts. Most of these places were no more than $30 usd.

Belmond Class of hotels (5*): These are five-star hotels The rooms sell for $400-$600USD/night. Belmond also operates a luxury train to take guests from Cusco to Aguas Calientes to visit Machu Picchu.

Luxury camping peru Luxury exploration trekking is best described as ‘appropriate luxury’ – extra comforts like 3 person tents used for 2 for more space, inflatable (not foam) mattresses and equipment details that will ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Tip: Stay in a nice 3-4* hotels which would cost you around $70-$150 USD/night These hotels are comfortable and safe.

What to eat?

Try Ceviche - Peru's authentic world-renowned cuisine While in lima be sure to take a food tour to learn of the cuisine of peru, (i recommend the ceviche). Ceviche is fresh raw fish “cooked” with citrus juices such as lime/lemon and spiced with aji/chilli peppers. A little sour, a little spicy, very much fresh. Long before the spanish introduced limes and other citrus fruits, the incas were marinating raw fish with acidic fruits from the amazon. $150 for cooking class + pisco sour.

What type of food is typical of peru? There are a wide variety of aromatic herbs and spicy peppers used in many dishes and sauces. In jungle areas, fresh fruits, cocoa, coffee, fried plantains, and other vegetables are also common.

Pisco Sour - Peru's favorite drink The Peruvian pisco sour uses Peruvian pisco as the base liquor and adds freshly squeezed lime juice, simple syrup, ice, egg white, and Angostura bitters.

Things to do in peru
Your pillars represent the things you are not willing to miss on your peru trip. Peru travel has many pillars and it is not possible to see them all in 10 days in peru. So identifying your peru must-sees is very important in the planning process. .
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Getting around peru
The only exception is taking the bus to visit to the nazca lines, ballestas islands and huacachina sand dunes. Bus rides are available throughout peru that will get you to and from cuzco, lake titicaca and colca canyon but they take many hours, think 30+, due to the terrain. Those beautiful mountains you came to see make cross country travel difficult and slow. .
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What does it cost to travel in peru?
Everyone’s tastes and opinions of the perfect vacation are different. The single most important thing is to plan the peru trip you want around the money you want to spend. We planned a busy 10 day peru itinerary for ourselves with many activities. .
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Our peru itinerary 10 days
Day 2 – slept in then explored lima, including open top bus tour of the city sights. Day 3 – early flight to puerto maldonado – delayed due to fog arrived late afternoon. This was the first day of our 4 day adventure with wasai. .
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Planning a trip to peru
Com has over 3,000 properties in peru including hotels, apartments and hostels. You get free cancellation on most rooms and a best price guarantee. Flightsskyscanner is a comparison website that searches millions of flights. .
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