Carnaval in pernambuco
The carnaval celebrations here are legendary, so we figured it would be a good place to start. While rio gets all the press, carnaval in pernambuco is super traditional and a ton of fun. .
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During the coming weeks we will present all those videos here in the blog. They are shortish videos, with conventional but beautiful images of the states and its main destinations. .
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The state of pernambuco also includes the archipelago fernando de noronha. 2 million people in 2013, it is the seventh most populous state of brazil, and is the sixth most densely populated. .
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Tagslatin americasouth americabrazil travelcentral americaold townbackpackingtravel tipsperuargentinawhat others are sayingwhat to do in old town recife, brazil. #recife #pernambuco #brazil #latinamerica #travel #travelblog #traveltipsread itwhat to do in old town recife, brazilwhen in pernambuco, one of the most important states in the northeast of brazil, dont miss out on lovely old town recife. Latin americasouth americabrazil travelcentral americaold townbackpackingtravel tipsperuargentinamore informationarticle byjanelas abertas | blog de viagens3similar ideasmore information5 reasons to visit recife, brazil. .
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Opting for quality rather than quantity, my plan is to devote three of those weeks discovering brazils northeast reagion, the nordeste, before spending my final week or so in brazil in and around its most famous city - rio de janeiro. I say goodbye to a distinctly dreary sao paulo - i wake up on the morning of my flight to the sound of thunder and torrential rain. Rain i can deal with, but the combination of thunder/lightning and flying is not one i particularly look forward to. .
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