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The site covers a wide range of topics including he site owners own life experiences of living in thailand. The site is full of reviews, guides, photos of pattaya and its beaches, plus the local tourist attractions and best places to eat. Also the more of the unusual thai customs and cultural differences which happen in day to day life in thailand. .
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Gliding through the water, listening to your heart beat rapidly, and watching your breath form bubbles is truly a zen-like experience. With its long coastline, innumerable islands and turquoise waters, the country offers some of the best scuba diving in the world. .
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Walking street in pattaya
All traffic is forbidden in this road. This road quickly becomes a place for tons of vendors, stores and night club to gather at night. .
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Pattaya beach
Situated in the heart of the city, pattaya beach attracts 8 million tourists each year. Pattaya beachthe island is well-known as a "city without sleeping" for the rhythm of life at night. It is only a small coastal fishing village but thanks to the economic and tourism development, pattaya has become the leading tourist destination of thailand. .
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Pattaya unlimited
Ok, this is the best place to start. First, there’s just a few paragraphs giving a very brief description about the history of pattaya, what pattaya is, and a few facts and figures. .
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