The ultimate oman travel guide
Easy to travel, overwhelmingly safe, absolutely beautiful sceneries and a strong culture. Oman is often overlooked by most travelers to the region who typically head to more glitzy destinations like dubai and abu dhabi. For those that have never visited a country in the middle east, i highly recommend oman as it’s clean, safe, friendly and gorgeous. .
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What to wear in oman
Always carry a headscarf with you for the impromptu mosque visit. If you want to swim somewhere, swimming in clothing is what local women do. .
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How long to visit oman
2 weeks is a good amount of time for those wanting to quickly explore both the north and south of the country. A month will offer you the flexibility to hit the highlights and see some off the beaten path destinations in oman. Check out my one week in oman itinerary and travel guidewhen to visit omanoman can get unbearably hot in summer. .
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What to see & do in oman
Click here to check out my one week in oman roadtrip itinerary for ideas. Spice souks are always a fave with the exotic smells filling the air. .
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Where to go in oman
Muscat is the capital of oman and likely your first stop in the country. With a backdrop of rocky slopes and buildings required to reflect traditional arabian architecture you really feel you’re in arabia. Muscat is actually three towns that seem to have overgrown and connected over time. .
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