Pre-trip reading inspiration: books about nepal
This is the first nepali author to find a western publication of his story and it’s worth reading for a much more personal account of nepal. A fascinating, harrowing, and humbling account of one man’s plunge into the world of child-trafficking. .
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Socially responsible travel in nepal
The himalayas are a companion to nearly every moment in the country. And the nepali people are warm and welcoming. As a country, they have embraced tourism and the money that brings to the country. .
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Things to do in nepal: explore city & regional guides
Taking a vipassana meditation course outside of pokhara for 10 days. Trekking the annapurnas for a week with friends. Looking at all the wild animals in chitwan national park. .
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More than mountains: the ultimate nepal travel guide
For many, the first thing that springs to mind is mount everest; and fair enough. The himalayas are indeed a feature of day to day life in many parts of nepal. Snow-capped mountain tops adorn the horizon in many towns and cities, and the landscapes they have carved out have helped shape the culture of many ethnic groups. .
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Nepal highlights
Some of these include patan durbar square, bhaktapur, and swayhambhunath and boudhanath stupas. If you don’t have long in nepal, there are some great short treks that can be done in the hills that surround kathmandu. On a clear day, you can see the himalayas from these trekking routes. .
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