It can be hard to figure out where to go in mongolia. Lucky for you, i have compiled a list of where to visit in mongolia, and things to see in mongolia that will not disappoint you. .
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When to go to mongolia
The benefit from this is that it leaves the country and its nature intact for the rest of us adventurers who dont like to follow the herd to enjoy. What mongolia is well known is its varieties of the landscape from steppes, valleys, mountains to deserts. In the gobi desert, we were able to see a wide range of different landscape like the rainy valleys of yol, the green rolling hills of khogno tarna, and the desolate rock formation of the flaming cliffs all in one trip. .
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How to get to mongolia
There are only a few flights flying into mongolia and most of which, will either go through hong kong, china or kazakhstan. I would recommend you browse through skyscanner or momondo to find a cheap flight from where you live to ulaanbator that best fit your itinerary. Travel insurance if you are looking for a travel insurance to go along with your trip to mongolia, i would recommend worldnomads. .
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Central mongolia
It’s not far from ulaanbaatar, and offers gorgeous natural beauty along with hospitable nomadic people. The main tourist sights in central mongolia are the gorkhi-terelj national park, the ancient city of karakorum, and the incredible orkhon valley. Gorkhi-terelj national park is located only 70 kilometers from ulaanbaatar, and is a great place to visit if you have a short amount of time in mongolia. .
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Mongolia in the fall
After summer, fall is probably the best time to visit mongolia. Mongolia visa requirementscitizens of most countries need a visa to visit mongolia. .
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