Minor hotels launches mekong kingdoms luxury cruises
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The panoramas of the mekong river
There was one catch though, we had to cross a rickety bridge to get to the other side. The river we crossed was a tributary of the mekong, it’s smaller and we found a bar at the confluence of the two rivers. There’s a tiny bar at the corner and we grabbed a drink and waited for the sun to set. .
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A slice of life on the mighty mekong
Locally known as the mae nam khong, the literal translation is mother of water river. The river runs through china, thailand, laos, cambodia, and vietnam, and over the centuries consistently remained an important focal point for locals, governments, and foreign countries. Locals use the river to sustain life — food, transportation and local trade. .
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Mekong holiday villa
With a reception properly manned with friendly english speaking staff, this place feels slightly more professional than the many family-run guesthouses in town and the presentation of the rooms is a testament to this increased attention to detail. Rooms come with wardrobes, rock hard beds. .
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Mekong riverview hotel
Due to unesco restrictions, swimming pools cannot be built within the historic area so if you’re looking for a hotel with a pool, you’ll have to look outside this area. Its best asset is undeniably its location, and not the two classic cars parked in front which draw a lot of attention but are out of service. .
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