Macau travel guide: (budget + itinerary) 2019
The heart of this special administrative region of china is littered with ostentatious hotels flaunting spectacular architecture, many of them recreating cities like paris, venice, rome, and new york. They are best appreciated at night when the flashing neon lights turn on, screaming stunning, lavish views like nowhere else in asia. Macau’s luxury hotels aim to satisfy the needs and whims of visitors in one location; with shops, restaurants, rides, long-running shows, etc. .
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About macau
Eventually, the portuguese traders arrived in macau and where given rights to settle for trading purposes because they helped china against coastal pirates. The portuguese dominated trading with india, china, and japan, and eventually, the business was limited to macau port. The portuguese immigrants brought with them malay slaves and african slaves who served as their sailors and interpreters. .
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Macau orientation
If you want to visit macau tower, senado square, the ruins of st. Paul’s church, macau museum, monte fort, dominic church and some luxury hotels like hotel lisboa, sands macau and wynn palace, this is the place to be. .
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Manila, cebu and davao to macau
You can compare the flights through the link below. To ride the airport shuttle bus, take the north exit of the airport and walk towards the parking lot. .
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How to board the ferry between macau hongkong
Proceed to the immigration counter for clearance. Go to seat allocation counter for your seat assignment. .
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