Lebanon itinerary day 5: byblos (jbeil) and batroun day trip
Founded over 7 centuries ago and thus one of the longest continually inhabited cities of the world. A visit of the heritage park takes half a day and best combined with batroun which is just 20 minutes north. Byblos is an unesco world heritage site and batroun a tentative one. .
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Lebanon itinerary day 9: beirut city tour
5-kilometer trail called the beirut heritage trail. It’s marked with bronze medallions in the pavement so you can easily follow it. The trail official starts at the beirut souks, but you can start at any place of course. .
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The complete lebanon country guide
When we booked our trip to lebanon we were surprised by how expensive it is to visit. Before having buyer’s remorse of a flight to lebanon, we contacted a friend me met while traveling. .
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Luckily renting a car in lebanon is fairly cheap
We decided it would be nice to have the freedom to visit the places we wanted to on our own time. What we did not know before booking a car, was the level of craziness that is driving in lebanon. We thought egypt has the craziest drivers, well we were sadly mistaken. .
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Lebanon takes the cake! three lane highways become six
Lanes are just painted lines to purposely be ignored, even without traffic. Merging is done at any time, at any place. .
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