Learning to trust others in jordan
Many of us have preconceived notions about what life in the middle east is like, and how we might be treated if we travel there. While traveling in jordan, laura had some surprising encounters with the locals. As a solo female traveler, laura was welcomed and treated kindly in jordan. . . especially when things got tough. .
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36 hours in amman, jordan
Jerash had its heyday around the third century, but parts of it are surprisingly intact. You feel the immensity as you approach hadrian’s triumphal arch, and walk past the hippodrome where chariots once raced. .
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Wild jordan, 1 p
Over the last half century, the royal society for the conservation of nature established nine protected natural areas across jordan, and you can get the lowdown on each on a visit to the wild jordan center for lunch. The multilevel building — eco-lodge meets industrial chic — provides stunning views of the old city from its cafes. .
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Support local handcrafts at the jordan river foundation showroom
It’s about community and female empowerment – but it’s also simply speaking just a wonderful showroom with beautiful products to buy and support the cause. Her majesty queen rania will be delighted (she chairs the foundation since it’s inception in 1995). .
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The architecture and ancient ruins of this area are spectacular. The fact that many of the monuments and buildings ar. .
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