Pre-trip reading inspiration: books about japan
It weaves narrative, history, love, and adventure into one book. It’s also a page-by-page unfolding of the intricacies of japanese culture that are best understood when shown through imaginative characters and an intriguing storyline. .
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Socially responsible travel in japan
Japan is a country entrenched in deep traditions and rituals. The country is quite proud of their unique culture heritage; this cultural heritage is deeply ingrained in how the country runs. As a first-time tourist, it’s impossibly hard to understand the complex layers of tradition and customs underlying the behavioral norms. .
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Things to do in japan: explore city & regional guides
There’s a lot to see, however, and each area has its own vibe. You can explore the highlights in just a one- or two-week trip, but to get under the skin and understand a place you should try to spend longer in each city and explore deeper. There’s too much history to see it all in one trip—the number of unesco world heritage sites across the country alone are impressive—so pick a region and stick to it. .
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Japan travel guide for 2019
From bustling tokyo and zen-like kyoto all the way to laid-back okinawa and wintery hokkaido, japan is a high-tech world mixed with the politeness and respect of their past. Honestly, i love traveling and backpacking japan. It was a life-long dream to go there and, when i finally did, it lived up to all my expectations. .
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Japan travel costs
Capsule hotels cost between 3,000-5,500 jpy (25-50 usd) for a tiny little room (that’s really a pod). If you’re looking for privacy, expect to pay around 8,500 jpy (75 usd) for a double room at a budget hotel. The price of accommodation in the big cities is significantly higher than if you were to travel off the beaten path (okinawa, for example, is half the price of tokyo). .
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