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As such, israel provides a constant flow of inspiration, ideas and new things to discover – and that is exactly why you need a stylish, knowable guide to walk you through the wonders of this middle eastern hub. Whether you opt for reading online in advance and walking your way around the city or if you choose a guide to follow during your travels, these blogs will tell you exactly where to go. Telavivianhaving started as an online magazine featuring the city’s trendiest art, culinary and lifestyle spots, telavivian has established itself as one of the best sources of information, inspiration and everything that is happening in the city of tel aviv. .
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Tourist israel
In addition to its extensive tourism services, tourist israel aspires to provide independent travellers with free access and information to the most relevant, unique and interesting experiences and showcase the country’s unmissable treasures; from the coolest restaurants, bars or galleries in tel aviv to unique remains and experiences in jerusalem or the magnificent views of the desert. © tourist israel eager touristback in 2009 in new york city, eager tourist started as a photo blog for ross belfer’s personal travels. Since then, the blog has expanded to include not only personal travel experiences and recommendations but also tours, experiences and workshops in tel aviv, as part of an online and on-ground curatorial travel service and magazine focused on architecture, design and local culture. .
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Israel travel blog: israel travel tips
I have personally rented with them and recommend. Hertz, budget and all the other big companies also do car rentals in israel but you must must must book it from their israeli website (ending in. .
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Israel expectations: what to expect when visiting israel
Each time i visit, even the same places repeatedly, i learn even more. Be prepared to visit historical spots and really try to listen to the stories. Even for non-cultural and non-history trip lovers, i really believe there is so much to learn about israel, the people, and the land, and it has such an interesting and different past, present and future. .
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My first trip to israel
From city to desert, from one religion to another, from intense culture to untouched nature. . . this is a land of extremes all packed into a very small space. I learned this quickly during my recent trip to israel, a trip that was far too short to get a full understanding of what a traveler can experience here, but that offered an eye-opening glimpse nonetheless. .
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