#7 surf in arica and iquique
It has some nice ones, but doesnt lay a finger on those we visited in brazil or the coast of ecuador. In fact, on the backpacker circuit, nobody really comes to chile for its beaches. However, more and more are making their way here for its waves. .
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Set right by the ocean, among palm trees and tall buildings, taking a ride down the promenade in an open-top car or having champagne for breakfast won’t seem crazy at all. On its beaches, nothing seems impossible and nightlife is enjoyed to its fullest in its bohemian bars, where the cultural mix is evident. .
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The ultimate guide to travel in iquique chile
The attractions are a mild climate, commerce, the atacama desert, natural and archaeological treasures, access to peru and bolivia and a great many recreational and sporting activities. Orient yourself with this interactive map from expedia. .
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Things to do and see in iquique chile
The hot springs and thermal baths attract visitors for the mud baths and healing properties to these oases. The inland orchards and farms provide produce to complement the seafood found offshore. .
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As soon as i crossed the border, i felt like i arrived in the usa. The cars were pick up trucks, the houses on one floor and finished. .
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