10 tips for your first trip to egypt
With such a rich history and unique culture, it has always fascinated me. I’d been holding off on traveling to egypt because of the stories i’d heard of women having negative experiences there. .
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What to see in egypt
There are countless ways to plan an itinerary for egypt. I took a short trip to egypt, basing myself in cairo and exploring the nearby sights. .
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The best time to visit egypt
The temps usually reach around 70 degrees f in the afternoon, but it’s also high season for the country. Plan your trip well in advance so you can avoid the seasonal increase in flights, tours, and accommodation as much as possible. .
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Unless these are things you desperately want to purchase, insist on not going. They’re a complete waste of time and the guides usually get a kick-back for bringing you there (which is the only reason they take you there). .
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Cities in egypt are not picturesque
They can be purchased for $25 at the airport and at various land borders. The visa is good for one month but can be renewed easily in main cities like cairo, alexandria, and luxor. .
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