Flight to cusco
The flight to cusco from lima is an excursion unto itself and one of the top things to do in peru. The andes are strikingly beautiful with their snow-capped mountain peaks reaching up to the heavens. I was seriously taken aback by their beauty and didnt expect to be so awe-inspired. .
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But there are many things to do in cusco. It is a beautiful colonial town and is worth spending a day or two to explore the architecture and surroundingsdont miss seeing the plaza des, armes where you can explore thecathedral of santo domingo and the iglesia de la compania de jesus. Cusco even has its own christ the redeemer and you must check out the twelve angled stone. .
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Step 1: getting from lima to cusco
As well as this, cusco is almost 10,000ft above sea level. This means altitude problems often affect tourists who go directly to cusco and altitude sickness is very common. . . some more severe than others. .
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By plane (lima to cusco)
Peruvian airlines and star peru are local airlines that operate routes lima to cusco however they are known to cancel/delay flights due to bad weather as their planes are not equipped for these conditions. As the flight has to cross over the andes mountains, and then land into cusco which is over 10,000ft above sea level, turbulence is very common. .
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By train (lima to cusco)
Although uncommon, there is a way to take at least part of your trip by train. The company only travels from lima to huancayo and back and it takes approximately 14 hours to get there. .
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