Backpacking cambodia travel guide for 2019
I hadn’t heard much about it. I only knew it’s horrible past and that it wasn’t that developed. .
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Cambodia travel costs
Private rooms in hostels and guesthouses generally go for $5-10 usd per night, depending on where you are in the country. Free wifi is the norm for hostels these days, and a few will also include free breakfast. You can get comfortable guesthouse rooms for $15-20 usd with air con, tv, and other amenities. .
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Backpacking cambodia suggested budgets
If you’re backpacking cambodia, you’ll spend around $25 usd per day. This will get you a dorm room (or even a private hostel room in some cases if you lower your other costs), food from the street stalls, a few drinks a day, a few tours day tours, and local transportation around the country. If you’re visiting angkor wat (you likely are), factor in the fact that the entry fee is $40 usd. .
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Cambodia travel guide: money saving tips
There really aren’t any big money saving tips here unless you go out of your way to find the most expensive things to see or do. There’s no reason this country should cost you more than $20 usd per day but if you drink a lot, you’ll need a slightly higher budget. .
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Where to stay in cambodia
A bus will take you everywhere and anywhere you want to go, no matter how far. The backpacker trail is so worn that there is a very well established tourist bus system to take you anywhere. .
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