Travel to bhutan
No visa is required (citizens of india, maldives and bangladesh need no visa or entry fees to travel in bhutan and are the only nationals that have the permit for independent travel. More information on this at the end. .
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Travel to central bhutan
Due to the lack of time, i had to hire a taxi to reach, and it was a different experience. The driver shared interesting stories on the culture, politics and the people of bhutan. .
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Visa & costs for travel to bhutan
You need to obtain the visa through a recognized tour operator along with booking a tour. To stay away from the scams, it’s better to book with any of the tour operator listed on their tourism website. .
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Bhutan travel blog: how to get to bhutan?
From vietnam fly to bangkok, spend a night in bangkok, then fly to bhutan on the next morning, the flight time about 6 hours. The most convenient and easy way to fly still is transit in bangkok. You can also fly from kathmandu for more cheaper. .
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Bhutan travel blog: bhutan currency
One nu is divided into 100 chetrum. Coins are worth 25 and 50 chetrum. .
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