The only downside is that it’s also thailand’s peak tourist season. Flights and accommodation prices increase and the beaches on phuket and krabi will be full of people. .
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How to get from bangkok to other thai destinations
There is a network of trains (these are the slowest transport option, but often cheaper), an extensive network of long-distances buses that rocket out into every corner of the country, and several budget airlines making travel north or to the islands in the south a quick and relatively painless (and often quite cheap if you travel carry-on only, especially). The cheapest option is train 7 (641 thb for second class). .
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Bangkok travel guide
Instead, these are the tourist highlights, as well as the nuggets my expat friends have found over the years. The city is huge, it has a pretty great transportation system (you can get everywhere either on the metro, or metro to a taxi/motorcycle-taxi). Many of the backstreets have hidden cafes and pop-up street food stalls that you’ll only find either through some solid wandering, or on street food tours. .
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Things to do in bangkok
One of the top palaces in bangkok featuring several beautifully decorated holy buildings and temples. Wat phra kaeo is the most sacred, housing the 15th century emerald buddha. Wat pho is best known for its famous reclining buddha statue. .
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Visit bangkok
Explore temples, palaces, amazing markets, shops, one of the craziest nightlife scenes in the world, and of course, amazing thai food. At first, i didn’t like this place but now it’s one of the places i feel most at home in. I love this city and return frequently. .
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