The ideal 3 days in manama, bahrain
For carrie and me, our trip to bahrain was not only a chance to see my brother who was there for work but to enjoy the warm weather, explore another gulf nation, and add a new country to our ever-growing list. In many ways, bahrain is different as well with a vibrant local food scene, a relatively walkable capital city (manama), and a rich cultural heritage. .
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Bahrain visa requirements
The evisa is available to many nationalities while others are eligible to get the visa on arrival. Best to check this link to see which category you fall into. .
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Just back from: bahrain
It’s a small country next to saudi arabia, and an archipelago of 33 islands, so you’re never far away from the warm waters of the arabian gulf. The name bahrain means ‘two seas’, and today those two seas are said to mean both the saltwater oceans and the fresh water springs that exist beneath them. .
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Relish bahrain food
Due to its huge population of expats in the country, you will not just get to indulge in the traditional bahrain food, but lip-smacking international cuisines as well. Bahrain has slowly become one of the exciting culinary destinations in the world, housing some of the world famous restaurants and cafes. One should not miss the epic bahraini breakfast. .
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It is less glitzy than dubai, or doha, and more exciting than kuwait. This is where saudis go on the weekends to let their hair loose. Liberal bahrain is as free as it gets in the gulf. .
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