The total land area of argentina is approximately 7 million square kilometers, making it the 8th largest country in the world. It has borders to chile, bolivia, brazil, uruguay and paraguay. The history of argentina is quite lengthy with earlier records of human life dating back to the paleolithic period. More...

Overview (Why?)

Argentina Info: The total land area of argentina is approximately 7 million square kilometers, making it the 8th largest country in the world. It has borders to chile, bolivia, brazil, uruguay and paraguay. The history of argentina is quite lengthy with earlier records of human life dating back to the paleolithic period.

Argentina will blow your mind! From dry desert to arctic mountains, tropical forest to pacific sea, argentina’s got it all. Argentina is an adventure full of natural beauty just waiting to be explored. Argentina is a country where you can find everything; salt flats of , desert of salta, colorful mountains of jujuy, vineyards of mendoza, lakes and forests of bariloche, vast pampa (fertile lowlands) and glaciers, iguazu falls near brazilian border. And of course fantastic mix of cultures, amazing people and delicious food. Art lovers will delight in discovering the museums, street art, and architecture of buenos aires. All these are more than enough to make you desperately wish to travel this unreal country.

Safety in argentina I am generally oblivious to danger – i have visited what are considered some of the most dangerous cities in the world and i have never encountered a problem. I generally keep a low profile, whereby i use minimum precaution, such as keeping my eyes open, carrying a copy of my passport around and leaving the original one in a safe, keeping my bag strapped around my shoulder and not wearing anything too flashy (but then again, that is my style anyways) and all goes well.

When to go to Argentina? The best time of year to visit entirely depends on what regions you plan on traveling around. Summer season: (Dec-Mar) - Average temperatures range from 57°f (14°c) in the center, 46-57°f (8-14°c) in patagonia, and about 68°f (20°c in the north.

How to stay safe in argentina Your biggest worry will be petty theft. Don’t flaunt expensive jewellery or belongings. Cell phone theft is incredibly common, and thieves will sometimes literally snatch the phone right from your hand in broad daylight. I am generally oblivious to danger – i have visited what are considered some of the most dangerous cities in the world and i have never encountered a problem. I generally keep a low profile, whereby i use minimum precaution, such as keeping my eyes open, carrying a copy of my passport around and leaving the original one in a safe, keeping my bag strapped around my shoulder and not wearing anything too flashy (but then again, that is my style anyways) and all goes well.

Moving around!!

Crossing borders: Most international travelers either arrive directly to Buenos Aires or cross the border through one of the countries below. --Argentina to Bolivia: at la quiaca - villazon by bus. --Argentina to Chile: Embark on a long journey of bus rides through the andes, where one hop between argentina and chile in patagonia --Argentina to Brazil: You can rent taxi go to cross the border to get to the iguazu falls on the brazilian side, where you get the front view of the falls. --Argentina to Uruguay: Colonia is a lovely colonial town and a great entryway into the rest of uruguay.

How to get around argentina Domestic flights in argentina are quite affordable and this is often the fastest and easiest way of getting between destinations. Check out norwegian (weirdly enough) and aerolineas argentinas for the cheapest fares. A flight from buenos aires to iguazu falls costs around us$79 return, and flights to mendoza are around the same at $73 return.

Flights to Patagonia, Argentina Remember, flights between the chilean and the argentinian sides of patagonia, generally, don’t exist. Flying back north to connect in santiago or buenos aires to reach a different part of patagonia is very time consuming and expensive.

Train ride in Argentina Argentinean train rides are some of the highest altitude train routes in the world. Example: Train ride from Salta to Andes: This is a 400 kilometer, 16 hour round trip into the andes from the town of salta. As the train climbs to 4,200 meters, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular mountain, forests, and valleys. Most trains connect the larger eastern cities like buenos aires, cordoba, and mar del plata. Travelers can check timetables and ticket prices online at this website, which is, unfortunately, only in spanish.

What to know before you visit argentina Expect to spend an ungodly amount of time on buses. Some bus trips are calculated in days rather than hours. Bus station in Buenos Aires is very big (bigger than some major airports).

Is uber safe in argentina? It’s available only in buenos aires and it’s one of the best ways to get around the city. Especially if you’re a foreign visitor.

What to see?

Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina is flamboyant and showy (think evita and maradona). Its capital, Buenos Aires pulses with tango passion and hypnotic music. Visitors to Buenos Aires can take tango lessons, enjoy a delicious dinner, and dance the night away at one of the many tango clubs located in the La Boca neighborhood. With its European architecture, diverse neighborhoods, and numerous attractions, this spanish-speaking city has something for everyone. Buenos Aires is also home to some excellent local designers and you will certainly find the perfect leather jacket, long leather boots and handbags for all occasions. There’s a celebration in nearly every corner of Argentina and people here really like to celebrate their local heritage. In addition, there are a number of festivals that focus solely on music or art as well. Buenos Aires, is a gay mecca, famous for its party scene and active nightlife throughout South America.

Buenos Aires, adventure in Argentina - Continue: We recommend taking a day trip to an Estancia (ranch) which are usually located outside the capital city, or visiting El Tigre to see the only existing delta in the world that flows into a river. A day in delta de tigre, argentina. Buenos aires boasts some of the best nightlife in the world and not a single person i’ve met who has been has not enjoyed all it has to offer. We took a day trip 17 kilometers (45 minute drive) outside of buenos aires for some nature to the delta de tigre and enjoyed a beautiful day of serenity in nature. Tigre is a small town north of buenos aires which is easy to reach by train. It is situated on the lujan river and from the town, you can go on excursions into the parana delta. The town has been a tourist destination for a long time and as you walk along the riverfront, you can see old mansions that were built for these tourists.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Continue Spend sometime spoiling yourself by trying the famous Argentinian beef in one of the many restaurant in San Telmo. Learn the national dance moves of Argentina, the Tango. Learn the history of the country by visiting the many museums available in the city such as the national history museum and the Falkland islands war memorial. You can also spend a day exploring the la boca district and get a photo of you with the colorful houses of La Boca.

La boca, argentina The buildings here are painted in the most bright colours you will ever see, there are so many details and figures of people hanging around the town, street artists to watch and so many cute souvenirs to look at. I got to see caminito which is a narrow street where the italians first immigrated.

Iguazu falls brazil, Argentina side Iguazu falls is a UNESCI world heritage site. The area has also lots of endangered fauna and flora. The 275 individual drops stretching for 2700m make up the largest waterfall system in the world. The falls divide the river into the upper and lower iguazu. With so many falls, the argentina side definitely has more to see, with many paths to walk. The train is a quiet, natural gas powered train that leaves from close to the park entrance.

Wildlife in Iguazu falls, Argentina Birdwatchers will be in for a treat, as there are beautiful, colorful toucans and yellow-eyed bluebirds. You will also spot lots of coatis, which are quite similar to raccoons and not shy at all.

Travel guide to northwest argentina This is the most traditional region of argentina, and an area where the size and influence of the indigenous population are still significant. The northwest comprises the provinces of jujuy, salta, tucuman, santiago del estero, and catamarca, and can be (crudely) divided into three discrete ecosystems.

Why go to northern argentina? The harshness of the climate without tall vegetation, joint to the almost total absence of snow, shows bare rocks with a turbulent history that tells how the south american continent was born, while large salt pans, colorful lagoons and minerals with psychedelic colors, create a unique landscape among the most beautiful of the world. But even if the puna is a harsh desert, just look closely at the ground to discover an endless variety of miniature plants that have evolved to cope with such difficult conditions, while vicunas, llamas, ostriches and flamingos wander among places that seem impossible for the life.

Rosario, argentina (Northwest Argentina) It is located 300 km northwest of buenos aires, on the western shore of the parana river. Rosario is the third most populous city in the country, and is also the most populous city in argentina that is not a provincial capital.

Impressive Northern Argentina With salta’s traditional villages and music, jujuy’s giant salt flats and surreal deserts, and calchachaqui valley fantastic landscapes, contrasted by the vineyards of mendoza and cosmopolitan buenos aires, argentina’s northern trail will be sure to impress even the most seasoned traveler.

A guide to the city of salta, Northern Argentina The entire province is jaw-dropping at every turn. Its home to the country's second-largest wine region,beautiful red stone formations in the quebrada de las conchas (shells gorge), and a culture unique to the rest of the country. The best place to get a proper idea of the colonial past is the main square, plaza 9 de julio. It is surrounded by lovely small cafes, cobblestone streets, and hosts the beautiful cathedral – possibly the most famous landmark in town with its bring pink color.

Why salta Northern Argentina is like mars, but better Sometimes i felt like i must be on mars. Orange-red mountains perched above purple mountains, fine-boned woolly creatures who appeared only once we climbed past the clouds. The alluvial desert extends from salta in the far north to cafayate in the south.

Northwest Argentina Northwest argentina and the cerro de siete coloresryan takes a slight detour to see the cerro de siete colores, or hill of seven colores, perhaps northwest argentinas top tourist attraction. The north-western province has relaxed, traditional pueblos, indigenous crafts and traditions, and parched, other-worldly landscapes.

The calchaqui valley: vineyards, gorges & history in northwest Argentina While the production has been present for centuries, it’s within the last couple of decades that vintners have truly focused on quality over quantity. Now the 5th largest exporter of wine in the world, including many world class producers, argentina can say that its hard work has paid off. And while the region surrounding mendoza (wine capital of Argentina), best known for its full bodied, often great value malbecs, helped secure argentina’s place among wine enthusiasts, the vines located a few provinces to the north have received far less attention.

Northwest Argentina (Spanish Architecture & Wine Region) There’s the city of cordoba with its selection of spanish architecture, and mendoza located deep in argentina’s wine region.

Northern argentina & Northwest Argentina It’s made up of high altitude desert (the puna) and peppered with grand salt flats with turquoise lakes and salt pools. You’ll find lush green valleys in lower altitudes, pink flamingos, and golden hillsides. It’s a tough environment, barren but beautiful. But there’s more to argentina’s impressive portfolio than these, albeit amazing, experiences; and one such place that remains under the radar to many is northwest argentina. Wedged up against the borders of chile and bolivia on the fringes of the country, the north-western town of salta and its desert surrounds (one of our top places to visit in 2018) are quite unlike the rest of argentina – vast, colourful, and rich in both indigenous and colonial history – there’s even lip-smacking wine to round it all off. Read on to find out more about salta and northwest argentina, plus two possible routes you can take from the city, heading either north or south.

Argentina expedition: aconcagua base & mt bonete Trek the upper reaches of the southern hemisphere and fall in love with argentina’s vinous heartland on this andean adventure. Begin in mendoza, the home of malbec, and learn about its production while touring wineries with a local wine expert before heading into the mountains proper for an expedition through the beautiful andean ranges.

Private guided 4x4 holiday in north-west argentina Off road adventure through the puna region with breath-taking scenery in both beauty and altitude experience labyrinth; a 10 million year old fossil and dune desert. Stay in authentic puna villages such as el penondine with local shepherd communities dramatic gorges and towering volcanoes of over 6,000m. Explore salar de arizaro one of the largest salt flats in the world. This itinerary takes you from salta to the puna region, a high arid plataeu that spans across northern chile and argentina. Experience dusty villages and ghost towns, striking oases in high altitude deserts, red mountains, pumice fields and some 19,000 pink flamingos. Visit authentic puna villages home to ancient traditions and cultures and dine in the homes of local shepherds on shimmering salt flats.

Waterfalls of mocona-argentina provinz misiones They are located on the southern edge of the yaboti biosphere reserve in northern argentina. However, since a narrow but good asphalt road leads for 60 km from soberbio to the park entrance, they are rightly on everyone’s lips. The small town of soberbio can be easily reached from posadas or puerto iguazu in about 4 hours.

Central Argentina 750-miles (1,220km) further south, spend a few days in bariloche as ruta 40 enters argentine patagonia and discover the region’s unique swiss and german character, present in everything from the architecture to the chocolate. For the best views of the city and the surrounding watery landscapes of Nahuel Huapi national park, stretch your legs with a hike along trails leading up to the area’s most distinctive mountain, cerro catedral. Southern argentinaas ruta 40 enters the south, stop off at the cave of hands to admire the ancient paintings of the ancestors of indigenous people who once lived in the region, before continuing along spectacular route 40 to stop off at el chalten, argentina’s self-proclaimed hiking capital.

Bariloche, Central Argentina: First stop in the lake district It was time to see what the northern reaches of patagonia had to offer. The city features swiss-inspired architecture, with stone and wooden clock towers and balconies. Like its european inspiration, the city is an important chocolate center with chocolate stores on most streets. The ski resort at cerro catedral mountain contains alpine-inspired chalets, hotels and lodges.

San carlos de bariloche, argentina (3 nights) The city is located by a beautiful lake with many mountains surround the city so naturally, i would recommend you to go up. You can either hike or take the cable car up to the cerro campanario and appreciate what bariloche has to offer. You can also cruise across the lago nahuel huapi, see the black glacier, explore the caves of the old volcano or simply walk around the city center and see why it is like switzerland.

Parque municipal llao-llao: hiking cerro llao llao in bariloche, Central Argentina Located near bariloche, argentina within parque municipal llao llao, the llao llao hill is easy to reach via a picturesque hike. Most of the bariloche craft beer, called cerveza artesanal, is produced on a small scale using fresh, natural and local ingredients - most importantly the crystal-clear mountain water.

Nahuei Huapi: Chasing snow in Central Argentina Five days of snow had laid a foundation of packed powder below the spirelike peaks that give catedral its name. The sky was clear, the nahuel huapi glistened below us, and frosted mountains edged the horizon in a jagged rim.

Southern Argentina Here, the distinctive, soaring peaks of Monte Fitz Roy and the iceberg-riddled waters of laguna de los tres are some of the stars of the santa cruz province. In nearby el calafate, be awestruck by the groaning, cobalt blue glacier, perito moreno – one of argentina’s undisputed highlights. Finally, route 40 skims the chilean border through deserted patagonian steppe to end at cabo virgenes lighthouse and views across the atlantic ocean.

A complete guide to el calafate, argentina (Southern Argentina) Sure enough, it would be a pity to visit argentina and leave el calafate out of your itinerary. For as small as it is, this town, which takes its name from the calafate berries that commonly grow in small bushes in patagonia, has a lot to offer. From hiking to visiting the great glaciers; from admiring the local fauna to cayaking, el calafate is a fantastic place for nature and adventure lovers. Located at about one and a half hours drive from el calafate, perito moreno is the hightight of los glaciares national park. It isn’t the biggest glacier in the country, but it definitely is the most scenic to see, for it is very easy to access, and contrary to most glaciers which are now receding, it is actually stable.

El chalten, Southern Argentina You can hike to a lookout point 30 minutes away from el chalten and watch the sunset or you can spend 8 - 10 hours hiking the laguna de los tres trail to see fitz roy peak up-close. You can also camp at the base of the trail for a night and hike to the lake to see fitz roy at your own time. Another recommended trail to hike is laguna torre, which takes around 6 - 7 hours.

Argentina vacations: your perfect day in Ushuaia (Southern Argentina) The windswept town, perched on a steep hill, is surrounded by the martial mountains and the beagle channel. There are many attractions here, from the picturesque lighthouse in the distance of the cold foggy sea to the nearby “penguin island.

Tierra del fuego national park, Ushuaia (Southern Argentina) This vast region is shared between argentina and chile, although most of the land belongs to the argentineans. How to get to patagoniathe best way to get to patagonia is to fly to ushuaia (or some place in the far south) from buenos aires and make your way north stopping at the most beautiful places. If you want to visit the most southern part of the region, the long busride from the capital would take several days, crossing the border between argentina and chile several times and it would turn out to be an infinite journey.

Ushuaia, Southern Argentina This is where you can launch yourself into antarctica if you have 8000 usd to spare. If not, you can spend a day hiking in tierra del fuego national park among the rare plantation only found in this part of the world. The next day you can rest from all the hiking by taking a boat tour to the les eclaireurs lighthouse and spend a day enjoying fresh food in ushuaia city.

El chalten (Southern Argentina) - The hiking capital of Argentina El chalten is a world-known hiking and trekking destination which attracts travelers and outdoor lovers from all around the world. You dont need to go that far to appreciate the real mountainous beauty as most of the trails start right in el chalten and visitors can choose from wide range of one day or multi-day trekking routes. To the south is torres del paine national park and puerto natales, chile. The furthest pin is ushuaia, argentina, a. The south of argentina, especially ushuaia, is also the starting point for most tours to antarctica.

The seven lakes route in Southern Argentina If you are visiting this beautiful, picturesque and tranquil region of argentina and south america, you will not be disappointed. The route around the seven magnificent lakes passes the correntoso, espejo, escondido, viallarino, falkner, machonico and lacar lakes all of which are flanked by mixed natural forests. No matter which season you visit this region, it is always ready to impress.

Southern Argentina (Patagonia) Attractions include the ski fields of cerro castor and the penguins at yecapasela reserve.

Argentino lake, santa cruz, Southern Argentina The lake lies within the los glaciares national park, tucked away in the andes mountains. The landscape of the area is definitely unique with its massive ice fields and gigantic glaciers, and serves as a popular tourist destination. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, visitor can enjoy fishing, boating, camping and spectacular close up views of the magnificent glaciers. With numerous boat tours sailing its waters to reach the nearby glaciers and known to be one of the region’s prime bodies for fishing, argentina lake is a must-see in calafate. Available through multiple local companies, these full day excursions take riders on a journey up the mountainside where some of the best views of the region await them.

Perito Moreno glacier, los glaciares national park, Southern Argentina Visit the famous perito moreno glacier, an important river of ice, 3 km. Easy access to the awesome glacier makes it one of the most popular sights in south america. The glacier flows up to 2300 feet thick and originates in the huge hielo sur (southern icefield). Because it is the only glacier in the world which is permanently advancing, it has been declared a world heritage by UNESCO.

Where to see penguins in argentina The main places include puerto madryn near the valdes peninsula, punta arenas in chile, and ushuaia, the most southerly city in the world. Unlike many other places in the world, what makes a trip to ushuaia special is the chance to walk along with several types of penguins in a group no larger than twenty people. I opted to do the penguin colony + navigation through the beagle channel. Ushuaia is part of patagonia and the landscapes here do not disappoint. There are a number of great hikes to do in ushuaia.

Home to the longest ski season in Southern Argentina The name la hoya comes from the mountain shape, which is a wide glacier above a circular basin where all the ski runs join at the same point at the base. In the 1930s, pioneer skiers from the region discovered this attractive natural formation and began to visit the mountain and discover the potential.

National route 40 Argentina It is a truly great experience of approximately 5,000 km, a section over unpaved roads, from magellan’s strait up to the capricorn tropic, going along argentina through the extraordinary landscapes of patagonia and the andes mountain range. It starts at cape virgins, over the banks of the strait of magellan and ends in la quiaca, on the border with bolivia, in the jujuy province. The argentine government launched a program to pave the route from beginning to end, redesigning the route’s outline. In practice visitors only drive a part of the route; this is both due to the length of the highway and to the challenging conditions — one example of the latter is the abra de acay mountain pass where the road rises to 4,972 meters above sea level.

Unesco world heritage sites in argentina The caves are known for the paintings of hands that were discovered at the caves, of which experts dated to about 13,000 to 9,000 years ago. Therefore, the cultural value of the cave is preserved by citing this as a world heritage site. The hand paintings were also proof that several waves of people inhabited the region, especially the caves, in the course of the country’s history.

Route 40: North west Argentina North of la rioja the ruta 40 cruces the campo de belen and follows the belen river. Santa theresa is an abandoned monastery near la rioja. The region is famous for its excellent olives.

Animal sightings in argentina In seemingly the most unlikely of places, in the high desert, on long stretches of empty highway, animals are all around. You might spy a herd of llama-like guanacos grazing on a ridge, or surprise a family of nandues, south america’s ostrich-like species, who run quickly, but never take flight. And while those roadside surprises can happen at any time once you’re outside major cities, there are also specific destinations where animal sightings are nearly guaranteed.

Beaches in Argentina From the glamorous northern beaches in the Buenos Aires province to the untouched sand on the shores of Patagonia, there is always a perfect beach vacation waiting for you in argentina.

Must try experiences in argentina If an argentinian wants to socialize with you they are going to get close – really close – to you and waste no time in expressing their mind or feelings. Physical contact is going to be frequent and of a somewhat intimate nature as they touch, grab, and embrace you thoroughly. They have little regard either when it comes to poking fun at you, their associates, or themselves – it’s just their way of showing that they like you.

Argentina beaches Argentina has a 3,100-mile-long atlantic coastline, which offers a wide range of hotspots, from attractive beachfront cities to peaceful retreats and unique nature areas of reservation. With such great attractions, the argentine coast has always something to please visitors of all interests. Mar del plata is the biggest seaside resort in argentina.

Culture and sightseeing in mar del plata argentina To take in some culture, head to the juan carlos castagnino municipal art museum. This extensive museum houses more than 450 works of art in a historic french-style manor. Other interesting cultural venues include centro cultural villa victoria ocampo, which was the former holiday retreat of celebrated argentinian writer victoria ocampo. Mar del plata is the biggest seaside resort in argentina.

Where to stay?

Where to stay in argentina Staying in an estancia is one of the things to do in argentina, however, is staying in an estancia (called finca in some parts of the country), a ranch. Most estancias are located a bit off the beaten path, and staying in one is a great way to get to know in depth some of the most interesting aspects of the culture of argentina.

Argenta tower hotel & suites (hotel), Buenos Aires (argentina) deals Commendable service and good value.

Argentina northwest I stayed three nights at kkala boutique hotel which is a small-scale luxury hotel. The perfect base to explore salta city and make a day trip to the high andes by train.

Skiing in bariloche, argentina The ski resort at cerro catedral mountain contains alpine-inspired chalets, hotels and lodges.

Where to stay in ushuaia, argentina I stayed at antarctica hostel and la posta hostel which are both lovely, clean places. La posta hostel is a little further out of town but the walk into town, which about 25 minutes, is beautiful.

Argentina travel costs Private rooms in a hostel with a shared bath are generally double the price of dorm rooms. Hotels in more expensive places like mendoza and patagonia cost upwards of 500 ars ($15 usd) per night. You will find that a vast number of hotels in the country that fall under 1,200 ars ($30 usd).

Nature paradise argentina-national park el palmar In colon there are a number of hotels, some of them beautifully located on the rio uruguay. For example the venerable hosteria del puerto or one of the better hotels at the plaza san martin.

What to eat?

Food in argentina Cattle in argentina is of top quality and is prepared in ways that verge on perfection. Chicken, pork, and curious delicacies, like llama, are also consumed in this country though the act seems less dignified than cutting into a piece of grade-a argentinian cow.

Argentina typical food: foods to try in buenos aires And while theyre not wrong, there are so many other foods to try in buenos aires and in argentina. Buenos aires was built by immigrants, mainly italian, who had a huge impact on the citys cuisine. Youll find plenty of pizza and fresh pasta sharing a menu with all that steak.

Cafayate, argentina Bad brothers wine experience has been featured in the wine enthusiast, and is ranked as the #1 restaurant in cafayate by tripadvisor. To compliment your wine-tasting experience, we offer a selection of tapas de autor – small plates - created by our talented chefs to pair well with our wines.

Wine Tasting in Argentina Torrontes are produced in salta, san juan, and la rioja. However, in cafayate city, part of the salta province, has built a strong reputation for the high quality of its torrontes wines.

Would you visit argentina to go wine tasting? Wine tours are one of those experiences that are perfect for everyone (as long as you drink wine, of course). Their mendoza tours are so highly recommended.

Buenos aires, argentina Try the famous argentinian beef in one of the many restaurant in san telmo. Interestingly, argentines don’t actually call the ritual barbacoa (for bbq); instead the term asado is applied to the slow roasting of large chunks of beef above a sparse bed of coals.

Try Chimichurri Chimichurri is a loose oil based condiment used to accompany meats or churrasco (grilled meat).

North western argentina Explore the calchaqui valleys to taste the torrontes wine in a vineyard in the south.

A guide to vegetarian food in argentina While metro cities like buenos aires have quite a few options these days, things get tricky once you are out of the metros. The main reason for this challenge is the lack of awareness about a vegetarian diet.

What are the most typical pairings in argentina? For a celebration, it’s always asado; for an informal get together, pizza or empanadas; for a family sunday lunch, filled pasta.

Try argentine “bizcochos dulces” It is a variation of croissants found both in Argentina and Uruguay.

It was just after 9am, and all i could think about was wine. Today, i’d be learning about wine, exploring a few vineyards and hopefully tasting a whole load too. .
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Review: villa mansa wine hotel & spa, lujan de cujo, argentina
After escaping the traffic of downtown mendoza, we found ourselves in the picturesque countryside, passing several upmarket hotels, wineries and mansions. . . read more ziplining in argentina by brave or stupid, it was time to try ziplining over a lake just outside mendoza, argentina. As i was handed a large blue hard hat, i knew straight away it wouldn’t fit. “i have a weirdly small head,” i said. .
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Argentina travel guide
You can also use the la nacion club and la nacion premium club cards, associated with la nacion newspaper, for discounts. Every week, the la nacion club card website lists participating establishments who give discounts to card members. This is good for travelers spending a long time in the country as you have to sign up for the newspaper. .
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Other things to see and do in argentina
This is a 400 kilometer, 16 hour round trip into the andes from the town of salta. As the train climbs to 4,200 meters, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular mountain, forests, and valleys. .
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When to go to argentina
The best time of year to visit entirely depends on what regions you plan on traveling around. Average temperatures range from 57°f (14°c) in the center, 46-57°f (8-14°c) in patagonia, and about 68°f (20°c in the north. .
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