A new side of peru: arequipa & the colca canyon
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Arequipa & colca canyon active expedition
Journey through the colonial and white stone city of arequipa before going low and slow with hikes and rambles in the depths of the colca canyon. In some places, it’s deeper than the grand canyon itself, and is recognized as one of the deepest canyons in the world, as low as 3,270 feet (10,730 feet). .
# arequipa # colca-canyon
When pizarro officially "founded" the city in 1540, he was moved enough to call it villa hermosa, or beautiful town, and don quixote author miguel de cervantes extolled the citys virtues, saying that it enjoyed an eternal springtime. The lovely white stone lent itself to extravagant buildings and attracted master architects to the city. .
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Libertador hotel arequipa
5km north of the downtown, at the selva alegre district and 20-minute drive from "rodriguez ballon" airport. For business travel, you can access its lobby, workstations; and enjoy the company of good friends, also exchange experiences at the “montoneros” bar, which counts a direct entry from the street. .
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Casa andina private collection arequipa
Its a great colonial mansion situated in the historic center of arequipa city. This boutique hotel also has an exclusive restaurant named "alma cocina viva", which offers international cuisine combined with traditional dishes of arequipa. .
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