Andes mountains - day trip adventures
The andes mountains provide a stunning backdrop to santiago and are very popular with tourists seeking active day trips outside of the city. Trekking, rafting, horse-riding and skiing are the most popular activites. .
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The andes:
However for those who still want a full andes experience but are not necessarily looking to venture out on your own, it’s best to arrange to go on a tour so you don’t have any hassle with transportation and so you can ensure you don’t get lost. You can still dive into the mountains even if you’re inexperienced in trekking or unsure how to get around on your own with one of our tours from santiago which help you get that authentic experience without the hassle. .
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The andes mountains
These mountains form the ridge that traces the western contours of south america. The world’s highest mountain range outside of asia, the highest elevation is at mont aconcagua in argentina, at 6,961 metres (22,838 feet) above sea level. The fauna number 3,500 species, with two-thirds of them endemic to the mountain range. .
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Andes mountains & winery tour
00 read more colchagua 3 day wine & dine $899. 00 read more cajon del maipo & winery tour $390. .
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