Guyana travel tips
An undiscovered gem situated between venezuela, suriname and brazil. Although it is on the mainland of northern south america, it is considered part of the caribbean region due to historical tie and culture. The feel is very much caribbean too; good vibes and smiling faces. .
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Guyana quick information
The standard voltage is 240 v and the standard frequency is 60 hz. To avoid the hassle of having to buy new adapters for everywhere you go, we recommend picking up a universal travel adaptor before you leave. .
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Guyana trip planning
Therefore travelers can experience a tropical climate between averaging 24 – 38 celsius, cooling down overnight. Rough budgetgenerally speaking, the cost of living in guyana is lower in comparison to places such as us, uk and canada, but you won’t be living like a king. .
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What to pack for traveling guyana
If you have been picking up what i’ve been dropping down, you should be heading to guyana for a real adventure. Throw in some sturdy hiking shoes with your flip-flops, a few high-quality breathable clothes and you’re good to go. .
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Things to do in guyana
It is teeming with rugged adventures that is real, raw, and untouched. While visiting guyana, i recommend doing something epic. Kaieteur falls is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world and is a must see while in the country. .
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