Laos travel guide
If you’re on a budget, though, stick to the local markets. Fresh food will be the cheapest there. .
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Top 5 things to see and do in laos
It didn’t take long to develop into a crazy, hedonistic city. Nowadays, things have calmed down (a lot) and vang vieng has become a hub for outdoor adventure, jungle hikes, and lazy days on the river. .
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Laos travel costs
Dorm rooms are around 45,,000-80,000 lak ($5-9 usd) per night, although hostels in vientiane start at slightly higher prices around 52,075 lak ($6 usd) per night. A private room in a hostel with air-con will cost between 115,000-175,000 lak ($13-20 usd). .
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Backpacking laos suggested budgets
This budget will cover a hostel dorm, eating mostly street food, having a few drinks per night, taking public transit, and doing about one paid activity (or a couple cheap temples) per day. On this budget, you’ll be able to do whatever you want within reason. .
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Where to stay in laos
The roads are poor, and you’ll likely have to navigate several mountain passes to get anywhere. Nothing is ever on time, and even short trips can turn into endless journeys. .
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